Quality & Environment


The finish quality of the products delivered by us is the most important facet of our activities. This is what gives us our high reputation in the market. Our stringent quality policy ensures the very high quality processing of your product.

The quality management system of the ALRO GROUP conforms to IATF16949. This means that independent audits are conducted each year, after which certificates are issued. These certificates contribute to the excellent reputation of the ALRO GROUP as a professional and reliable partner.

The ALRO GROUP is also equipped with modern in-house laboratories. In order to be certain that the coating meets your expectations, we carry out the following tests, among others:

  • Colour measurement
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • Gloss measurement
  • Bonding testing
  • Scratch resistance testing
  • Loose chippings testing
  • Salt-spray corrosion testing / CASS
  • Surface roughness
  • Fault investigation
  • Humidity testing
  • Climate testing
  • High pressure testing


As a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly entrepreneurship, ALRO GROUP has been one of the first companies to obtain ISO 14001 certification and has set up its own recycling company (RECITECH). The ISO 14001 standard examines the environmental management and the processing techniques of a company. Independent audits monitor compliance with these stringent standards. By deploying the most environmentally friendly production techniques, the environmental footprint is kept down to the minimum.

As a part of the group, RECITECH provides the management and the processing of the entire waste streams for the ALRO GROUP and for external companies.

Their success is due to a team of specialists and a fully equipped in-house analytical laboratory. The process waters of ALRO and of other companies are analysed and recycled.

In addition, RECITECH is active in the field of industrial cleaning, more specifically, in the chemical and thermal paintstripping of metals, and also carries out the related post-treatments.

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