Coating & Assembly

The ALRO GROUP will be your partner from producer to end customer.

In some cases, we also accept sub-contracting orders to apply high-quality organic coating layers, but in most cases, we establish a more wide-ranging collaboration with our customers. As a result, ALRO becomes a totally collaborative part of your production chain that also thinks with you. In addition to coating of several types of paint layers, we can also assemble your components and organise logistics processes on your behalf.

We can also offer you the option of purchasing the components to be coated or assembled, to be sold as a module to you or to your customer after the coating and final assembly processes are completed.

The following systems are important pillars in this supply chain management:

  • Quality and Project Management in accordance with specific systems (IATF16949 and APQP).
  • Process management as per the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  • Processing of customer orders via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Application of methods such as Edifact, Odette and VDA.
  • IT & Process management tailor-made to customer-specific requirements.
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) deliveries.

We reply flexibly to your enquiries and offer you tailor-made solutions.

The ALRO GROUP can coat your metal and plastic components in large as well as small series. We can offer you just painting work, or can also organise a large part of your production chain, including assembly and logistics.

Coating of metal components

What metal components can the ALRO GROUP paint for you?

  • Cars: chassis parts, bodywork panels, door and window frames, etc.
  • Trucks: chassis parts, cross braces, bumpers, bodywork panels, engine parts, etc.
  • Other industrial vehicles: chassis parts, bodywork panels, engine parts, etc.
  • All types of metal components: components of various equipments such as industrial machinery, consumer electronics, copying and printing machines, construction parts, etc.

Coating of plastic components

What plastic components will the ALRO GROUP paint for you?

  • Car exteriors: bumpers, mirrors, door handles, door panels, parking sensors, spoilers, wiper arms, etc.
  • Car interiors: dashboard components, trims, door handles, door panels, airbag covers, etc.
  • Exterior components of trucks: bumpers, engine covers, roofs, roof spoilers, doors, side panels, grills, mudguards, mirrors, sun visors, etc.
  • Truck interiors: dashboard components, trims, door handles, door panels, airbag covers, etc.
  • Other industrial vehicles: various bodywork panels, engine covers, cabin roofs, etc.
  • All types of plastic components: consumer electronics, housings of various plastic appliances, etc.


After coating, we can further assemble your products into full assemblies. This is done through specific assembly operations. Thus for example, we can do this manually using assembly tracking systems, as well as automatically in assembly units with or without robots.

If so required, we can even provide the engineering and development of the required tools and automations.

We can also purchase the assembly components directly from manufacturers, thereby relieving you of the management of the related goods and financial flow.

You can rely on us to directly deliver fully finished modules to your end customer, with all possible care.


Since the final products of cars and trucks are mostly assembled in a varied colour mix at the customers’ premises, the products have to be exactly delivered in specific sequences (Sequence) and at the correct time (Time).

Supported by highly advanced IT and logistics systems, these products are delivered to customer assembly lines located all over Europe, with the highest possible precision in delivery, in most cases after sub-assembly, Just-In-Sequence and Just-In-Time.

Similar products are delivered to the customer in batches or via a more specific system like KANBAN. (driven by product-specific packaging).


We have our own central test laboratory in order to ensure the quality and durability of our products.

Here, we can measure the visual characteristics of coating layers – such as colour, gloss and structure, as well as the technical characteristics of the paint layers, such as corrosion protection and resistance to climatic influences.

We also possess the knowledge and the equipment required to carry out microscopic analyses in order to investigate possible defects in the coating layer or in the coated product. In addition, the various layer thicknesses can be determined very accurately in microns (1/1000mm).

The test options that we offer to check the requirements laid down by the customer are the following:

  • BYK Gardner colour measurement devices (micro tri gloss, wavescan dual, BYK spectro-guide, BYK Mac (I))
  • Cross-cut test
  • Corrosion (exchange) tests (NSS (Neutral Salt Spray), CASS (Copper Accelerated Salt Spraying test), corrosion exchange tests)
  • Climate tests (hot/cold/dry/wet and combinations)
  • Condensate water test
  • Water immersion test
  • Scratch resistance test
  • Buchholz hardness test
  • Loose chippings test
  • Vapour jet test

In addition to the central laboratory, each production establishment has one or more laboratories in which process parameters can be checked and the basic tests can also be conducted on the coating layers (colour, gloss, adhesion, smoothness, etc.).


RECITECH specialises in the processing of waste materials and the management of water treatment plants. They are outstanding in the monitoring, preparation and processing of process water required for industrial paint shops.

Their success is due to a team of specialists and a fully equipped in-house analytical laboratory. This laboratory carries out tests on a wide range of process waters for industry.

In addition, RECITECH is active in the field of industrial cleaning, more specifically, in the chemical and thermal delacquering of metals, and also carries out the related post-treatments. All these operations are carried out for the ALRO GROUP as well as for third-party companies.