Innovation in E-mobility: Fire Protection Coating

E-mobility is on the rise. In view of passenger safety the battery can be a critical component in electric vehicles. During a “thermal runaway” event the battery may catch fire, causing a serious safety hazard for passengers. ALRO offers an innovative and highly effective solution: a fire-resistant coating system called “Fire Protection Coating” (FPC).

How does it work?

The innovative coating system withstands temperatures of up to 1,800°C for more than 30 minutes. The escape time for passengers to safely exit the vehicle is substantially increased and exceeds the current GTR20 requirements.

Fire Protection Coating for safer E-mobility

  • Lightweight and seamless application on complex geometries
  • Serial production on industrial scale
  • For metal or polymer battery housings
  • Corrosion protection by E-Coating/KTL
  • OEM approved


In addition to our state-of-the-art Fire Protection Coating systems, vehicle manufacturers rely on Alro’s innovative technologies for the Electro-Coating, laser cleaning, foam sealing and leak-proofing of battery components.


After cleaning, an anti-corrosion layer and an electrocoat layer are applied on the metal surface of the battery components.

Laser stripping

Alro developed an innovative laser technology process for the removal of E-coating from surrounding surfaces of the contact points in each battery cell. Laser equipped robots remove the E-coating layer with utmost precision.


The future is electric. As an E-mobility partner, ALRO Group supports its customers in the automotive sector with the important transition to “zero emission” mobility. With innovative and highly effective Fire Protection Coating Systems, ALRO is proud to provide an additional level of safety for tomorrow’s E-mobility.