Our planet

Small footprint

As a pioneer in environmentally friendly business practices, ALRO Group is one of the first companies to work in accordance with ISO 14001. This ISO standard checks the environmental management and processing techniques of a company. We keep our environmental footprint as small as possible by using the most environmentally friendly production techniques.

Let’s recycle

As part of the group, RECITECH manages and processes the waste flows for ALRO Group. RECITECH’s key to success is based on a team of specialists and a fully equipped analytical laboratory. The process water both from ALRO and from other companies are analysed and recycled. 

Green, greener, greenest

ALRO Group was already investing in green energy years ago. Solar panels and wind turbines make our business processes greener. We currently generate at least half of the renewable energy ourselves. That is our commitment to our planet. If this is not possible due to circumstances, we supplement it with purchased green energy. We will continue to invest in it in the future.

Zero emissions

The future is electric. If it were up to us, we would all be driving electric cars by 2030. As an eMobility partner, ALRO Group supports its customers in the automotive industry with the important transition to zero-emissions mobility.